How to Survive a School or Office Shooting | Survive An Active Shooter

Survive An Active Shooter

If you’re like most people, you probably think that a shooting rampage is something that only happens in movies. But the reality is that these kinds of attacks are becoming more and more common, and there’s no guarantee that you won’t be the victim someday.

In the aftermath of a shooting rampage, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Nearly every person who survives a shooting attack will experience physical and emotional trauma. You may find yourself in a state of shock, which can make it difficult to think straight or act safely.

If you are lucky enough to be unharmed, your first goal should be to get out of the building or area where the shooting occurred.

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Here are some tips on how to survive a shooting spree:

Step 1: Run

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting Run

When faced with a shooting rampage, the most important thing to do is to run. Don’t waste time debating whether that noise was really a gunshot; just run. If you can make it out of the building, chances are you’ll be safe. However, if you can’t escape, stay calm.

Tip 1: If you’re running from a shooter, the best strategy is to run in a zigzag pattern. This will make it harder for the shooter to hit you, and the odds are even lower that he’ll hit a major organ or artery. If you’re caught in an active shooter situation, try to get as far away from the gunman as possible.

  • Tip 2: Don’t run with everyone else
  • Tip 3: Run from cover to cover and concealment to concealment.
  • Tip 4: Find the hiding spots that also stop bullets

Step 2: Barricade the door

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting Barricade the door

If you find yourself barricaded in a room with a shooter, one of the most important things you can do is lock yourself in.

This will make the predator less likely to target you and will also help to protect any other occupants in the room. If possible, barricade the door with heavy furniture to make it harder for the shooter to get in.

Step 3: Find a weapon

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting Find a weapon

If you are in the middle of a shooting rampage, there are some things that you can do to survive.
One option is to find some sort of weapon.

A pair of scissors, a letter opener, hot coffee, a stapler, or even a fire extinguisher can all be helpful. Even if you don’t injure the attacker, these objects may scare them enough to stop the rampage.

Step 4: Take cover

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting Take cover

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Take cover behind something sturdy, like a file cabinet or a metal desk. This will give you some protection from the bullets and make it harder for the gunman to get close to you. If there’s nothing else around, try to hide under a desk or table. These surfaces can provide some protection from shrapnel and broken glass.

If there’s no chance of hiding, try to stay calm and keep quiet. The gunman may be looking for victims who are screaming or running away, so stay still and wait for the police to arrive.

Tip: Avoid making eye contact with the shooter. This will likely make them feel more confident and may cause them to make careless mistakes. If they do speak to you, respond with an absurd question in order to throw them off guard. Additionally, try to stay calm and avoid making any sudden movements.

Step 5: Listen for reloading

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting Listen for reloading

In the span of just a few minutes, chaos descended upon an office. Shots were being fired, and the only thing anyone could do was sit and wait for it to end. For one unfortunate individual, this meant that he had to stop shooting in order to reload his weapon.

This gave others a chance to tackle him or escape the scene. If you’re ever in a situation like this, it’s important to listen for signs that the gunman is reloading. This will give you the opportunity to take cover or run away if necessary.

Step 6: Slow bleeding

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting Slow bleeding

According to the American Red Cross, if you are shot, the best way to slow the bleeding is by applying pressure directly to the wound. Apply pressure until the bleeding subsides.

Tip: If you’re ever in a situation where you think you might pass out from blood loss, the best thing to do is place something hard under your body, just above the wound, and lay on top of it. Your body weight will keep pressure on the wound. This will help to keep you from collapsing and will help to prevent any further blood loss.

Step 7: Fightback

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting Fight back

If you find yourself unable to avoid a life-or-death struggle with the shooter, go for his most vulnerable areas.

  1. Gouge his eyes with your index and middle fingers. This will disorient him and make it harder for him to shoot you.
  2. Jab his Adam’s apple with your thumb and forefinger. This will disable him long enough for you to get away or fight back more effectively.
  3. Knee him in the groin if he’s close enough. This will cause him to lose balance and hopefully give you an opportunity to escape or fight back more effectively.

Step 8: Report odd behavior

How to Survive a School or Office Shooting Report odd behavior

One of the most popular methods for preventing shootings rampages is to report any odd behavior or threats made toward someone in authority. This allows for a potential intervention before it becomes too late, and can help save lives.

If you see someone who seems unstable or making threatening remarks, do not hesitate to reach out to someone you trust for assistance. By reporting any concerning behavior, you may be able to prevent a shooting from happening and protect yourself and others in the process.

A Navy SEAL has given an incredibly detailed account of how to survive an active shooter situation, and it’s something that everyone should know. This video is a must-watch for anyone who wants to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones in the event of a mass shooting.


It is important to be aware of the warning signs of a school or office shooting and to have a plan in place in case of such an event. If you are ever caught in the middle of a shooting, remember to stay calm and use the survival techniques that you have learned. Finally, remember that it is important to support the victims and their families in the aftermath of a shooting.

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